ZONE is much more than a wireless speaker. It is a multipurpose portable entertainment center that brings a new dimension to listening to music - FEELING .

  • ZONEspeaker is waterproof and suitable with jacuzzi


    ZONE is 100% waterproof, so you can fill it with water if needed.
  • Cold-resistant

    ZONE withstand cold temperatures, so you can confidently use it as an ice bucket.
  • Heat-resistant

    ZONE withstand heat, so thanks to its innovative design, it can even be used in a sauna!
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ZONE has a built-in powerful and fully controllable lighting system.

Sound bar

ZONE produces a clean soundscape that fills the entire room.

You can also combine two ZONEs into one with the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) function.

ZONE speaker

Home decoration element

ZONE is a top-level speaker and a high-quality design product designed in Finland.

ZONE has been awarded the prestigious Design from Finland label.

Working principle

What makes ZONE special is its patented way of working.

ZONE's body is designed to function as a speaker. This new design method enables new possibilities in speaker design, such as knowing the music through the platform precisely!

  • Hs38 5/5

    Responded well to the product description. It looks nice and has good sound quality. It feels heavy, which in this product seemed to add to its quality.
  • Sauna hipster 5/5

    I had been planning to buy the Zone speaker ever since they raised funds through crowdfunding to bring the product into mass production. Finally, in early December, I got the product, and my expectations were understandably high, as I had been waiting for this moment for several years. And indeed, those expectations were met. I haven't found anything to complain about so far, and I won't go to the sauna without it anymore!
  • Girl 5/5

    I bought it as a Christmas gift for my husband, and it has been in heavy use. It has lovely lighting and excellent sound quality.
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Design from Finland

Products and services carrying the "Design from Finland" mark are professionally, responsibly, and user-centeredly designed in Finland. Companies with the "Design from Finland" mark openly communicate the structure of their production chain and the country of manufacture.